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RevLifter is on a mission to make every eCommerce deal intelligent. 

Its technology enables brands to make sense of anonymous site visitors by using real-time signals from their journey to deliver hyper-personalized offers, recommendations and messages that have them spending more, more often.

RevLifter is built for retailers that can see how personalization drives revenue but lack the tools and data to make it work for them. Its easy-to-use platform can have them delivering 1-2-1 incentives and content based on a range of data points within weeks through a simple, plug-and-play setup.

Founded in 2017, the company has won over 30+ eCommerce awards. Most recently, RevLifter claimed the prize of Best Use of Personalization at the 2022 eCommerce Awards, beating several major tech players in the process. It is used by 100+  brands across multiple retail sectors, including fashion, beauty, consumer electronics, and telecom, with users including Boohoo, ASOS, John Lewis, Harvey Nichols, and New Balance. 

RevLifter’s solutions include RevWallet, which gives customers a reason to stay on-site and create bigger orders by delivering tailored offers and recommendations through an intuitive hub. For micro-moment targeting, there’s RevConvert, which boosts revenue and conversion rates by instantly reacting to real-time customer behavior with 1-2-1 incentives presented via native overlays. 

The result is seamless eCommerce journeys that deliver more shoppers and revenue, easily and at scale.


RevWallet enables retailers to add a hyper-personalized, intuitive offers hub to their website quickly and easily. The technology delivers and stores all the deals, recommendations, and messages visitors receive throughout their journey, meaning less clutter in return for more spend and conversions. For more info: https://vimeo.com/721883749/969f6e3a44?embedded=true&source=video_title&owner=178422812


RevConvert provides a simple way to launch hyper-personalized messages and deals at key on-site moments to maximize performance and profit. Through its native overlays, RevConvert unlocks countless opportunities to convert new customers, create immediacy, and drive profit through micro-moment targeting.


RevPage recaptures lost sales and drives unique retail goals by providing a hyper-personalized deal page for every customer. The technology resonates heavily with retailers that see customers leaving their site in search of a deal. Once they leave, RevLifter uses a mix of PPC and SEO to bring them back onto the retailer's site via a fully-branded offer hub, packed with 1-2-1 incentives and content.
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