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Technology Partner: Lucidworks

Lucidworks connects experiences throughout the entire user journey to meet customer and employee intent in the moment. Lucidworks Connected Experience Cloud (CXC) makes it easy for customers to capture user signals and create personalised search, browse, and discovery experiences.

The world’s largest brands, including Lenovo, Footlocker, Macy’s, Goop and PwC rely on Lucidworks’ suite of products to power digital commerce, customer experience, and workplace applications that delight customers and empower employees.
Learn more at Lucidworks.com.


Lucidworks are experts at onsite search and product discovery, connecting your customers with the products, services and information they are looking for


Lucidworks product discovery solutions enable your merchandisers to more effectively connect consumers with the products they are looking for through the power of AI.

Next-Gen Ecommerce: How AI & LLMs Revolutionise Search Experiences

By Sanjay Mehta, Head of Industry, Commerce at Lucidworks The emergence of large language models demonstrates one of the most…

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Customer Acquisition & Retention – An Optimisation Guide 2023

We are delighted to present you with our ‘Customer Acquisition and Retention – An Optimisation Guide 2022/3’ report, supported by…

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Can The Coronation Be A Crown Jewel For UK Retailers?

By Ellie-Rose Davies, Content Executive at IMRG With April’s payday in the pocket and a nice long bank holiday weekend…

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…And A Happy New Year: Are Good Tidings In Store For 2023?

By Ellie-Rose Davies, Content Executive at IMRG We wished you a merry Christmas, and now we are wishing you a…

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The Ultimate List of Peak Trading Tips for 2022

  By Nick Jones, Managing Director International, Lucidworks If you’ve felt like finding the perfect pair of shoes or the…

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2022 Consumer Electronics Shopper Survey: How Retailers Can Connect With Consumer Electronics Shoppers In Peak Trading

  By Nick Jones, Managing Director International, Lucidworks Consumer electronics companies happily rode the wave of increased demand in 2020…

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A Big Year for Booze: What’s Going on in Beers, Wines, and Spirits?

  By Emily Black, Content Executive and Analyst at IMRG Online alcohol sales saw a boom during the pandemic, which…

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2022 Summer Predictions: What Can Retailers Expect?

  By Emily Black, Content Executive and Analyst at IMRG Summer is usually a time for jetting off abroad, flowers…

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The New Normal: Grocery Stores Are Forced to Uplevel Digital Experience

For most grocers who focus on the in-store experience, with enticing biscuit displays and thoughtfully positioned sweets near check out, they were scrambling to bring their online systems and shops into the new decade. Here’s how to do it.

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The Four Keys to Brand Loyalty for Online-First Shoppers

By Garrett Schwegler, Program Manager – GTM and Solutions, Lucidworks We’re halfway into 2021 and shoppers aren’t exactly running back into…

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Coronavirus impact: where will automation in retail be accelerated?

Some retailers are using automation in warehouses or delivery, but so many retailer processes – in stores, online, and throughout head offices – have the potential to be automated. For this week’s blog we wanted to assess what impact the coronavirus pandemic may have on retail’s relationship with automation.

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The art of the virtual queue

Virtual queues are being implemented or considered in or outside shops, as retailers – from Asda to John Lewis – look to ensure they can exert some crowd control without turning away people approaching their doors showing a willingness to spend.

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The Year Ahead: What Will Retail & Consumer Behaviour Look Like In 2022?

  By Ben Sillitoe Every year, department store chain John Lewis publishes its How We Shop, Live and Look report,…

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When Will Retailer Discounting Campaigns Launch In 2021?

By Ben Sillitoe Hello peak trading, my old friend. It’s here to disrupt retail again. We’ve officially moved into golden…

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Focus on Fashion

  By Emily Black, Content Executive and Analyst at IMRG With IMRG’s Fashion Connect events (day one, physical; day two,…

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