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Conversation Powered by Your Customers

From SMS and WhatsApp to multi-channel mobile journeys, Esendex helps you to deliver business messaging that puts the power in your customers’ hands. Drive engagement, conversation and action in the channels your customers are most comfortable using.

With over 46,000 customers globally, we’re well placed to help retailers build communication strategies from simple logistics notifications through to cutting-edge conversational marketing campaigns. That’s why our mobile retail solutions are valued by e-commerce operators and retailers including Argos and Zara.

SMS solutions for retail

Send and receive SMS and integrate it with your existing apps and software.

Rich Messaging

Create richer, more interactive conversation with your customers

WhatsApp for Business API

Harness the power of the world's most popular messaging app.


Customisable interactive voice response and outbound voice services for improved customer engagement and support.

Mobile Journeys

Build mobile first experiences for promotions, payments and interactive data capture.


Fully managed email services to support your commercial objectives.

Managed Services

With over 20 years of experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to help with everything from basic set-up and integration through complex workflows to fully managed services.
How Retailers Can Experience Growth On & Around Key Retail Events

By Ellie-Rose Davies, Content Executive at IMRG Around big retail events, such as Mother’s Day just passed, Easter, Black Friday,…

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‘I’m Loyal Babe’: Are Loyalty Schemes The Money-Making Machines?

By Ellie-Rose Davies, Content Executive at IMRG There has been much debate around the value of loyalty schemes given that many customers…

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…And A Happy New Year: Are Good Tidings In Store For 2023?

By Ellie-Rose Davies, Content Executive at IMRG We wished you a merry Christmas, and now we are wishing you a…

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Black Friday 2022: IMRG’S Preview Part 1

  By Ellie-Rose Davies, Content Executive at IMRG Black Friday has come around rather quickly this year, so there is…

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Overcoming the Current Challenges Faced by Ecommerce

  By Ellie-Rose Davies, Content Executive at IMRG If you’ve been struggling to keep your revenue and sales afloat, you’re…

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Delivery Success: The Future Landscape of Ecommerce Fulfilment

  By Emily Black, Content Executive and Analyst at IMRG In April 2022, we conducted a survey of 300 UK…

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3 Ways to Increase Customer Acquisition & Retention

  By Emily Black, Content Executive and Analyst at IMRG In the first half of 2022, it’s become more apparent…

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How Ocado drive customer and staff engagement
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