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Empowering brands to sell more every day.

Comestri’s award-winning ecommerce platform unifies and enriches data across applications, systems and services. It’s a complete commerce solution, giving retailers the ability to manage product information, inventory, sales channels, orders and fulfillment.

The SaaS platform, combining PIM (Product Information Management) and OMS (Order Management System) technologies, allows merchants to manage and enrich multiple sources of product information and then use this information across independent sales channels such as ecommerce platforms (Salesforce Commerce Cloud, BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify), marketplaces (Amazon, eBay, The Iconic, Catch) and other online channels such as social media (Google, Facebook), email marketing platforms, order management systems and dropship. Comestri consolidates orders from all sales channels, ready for fulfillment.

The sophisticated platform optimises fulfillment processes to reduce shipping cost and delivery time, providing an exceptional customer experience.

PIM (Product Manager)

Turn product information into rich product data, and make your products more discoverable and relevant to customers with Comestri’s PIM.

Distributed Order Management System

Unlock the potential of your entire ecommerce network and manage orders from all sales channels in your Distributed Order Management System.

Commerce Integration Connectors

Connect all channels across your entire commerce ecosystem and synchronise data across multiple channels with Comestri’s Integration Connectors.

Automation Engine

Automate your commerce processes and work smarter. Write rules that streamline business processes around product information. Work faster and boost productivity across your whole merchant operation.

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