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The online retail market has ballooned in 2020, with the coronavirus pandemic accelerating an already-in-motion trend towards digital taking a larger share of overall retail sales in the UK and across large parts of Europe.

IMRG and Capgemini’s Online Retail Index shows, in the UK alone, online sales were up 35% year-to-date (Jan-Oct). Office for National Statistics figures indicate online retail’s percentage of total retail sales peaked at 33% in May — compared to around 20% at the start of 2020.

This trend, and consumers’ increasing willingness to try ecommerce as reported by retailers themselves, increases the importance of website optimisation. The best retailers will make it easy for shoppers to navigate their sites and usher them towards a seamless transaction — it was ever thus, but is increasingly important as ecommerce grows.

For the retailers and brands ramping up their digital strategies at this time and investing in their website development, this report provides some key guidance on how to boost site optimisation at the four stages of the customer funnel.

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