UK inflation remains close to a 40-year high and is forecast to stay elevated in 2022 before slowing down in 2023. The energy price cap rose again in October, adding further to a cost-of-living crisis.

The Conservative government’s willingness to make what Prime Minister Liz Truss admitted could be unpopular fiscal decisions during its recent mini budget spooked the financial markets, contributing to financial services and mortgage lenders increasing interest rates on their products. Consumers are feeling the pinch.

IMRG has teamed up with Clearpay to gather a picture of how consumers are facing into these headwinds and their intended shopping behaviours. From a survey of 1,001 people it is clear Christmas spending and category focus will be different to last year.

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    Consumer Intentions

    How will consumers spend this peak season?

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    Budgetary Tactics

    How is the cost-of-living crisis affecting consumer budgets?

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    Future Shopping Trends

    Which categories are likely to see a rise, or otherwise, heading into 2023?

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