Today’s webinar (30 Nov) will uncover the latest insights into Black Friday 2023. Get an in-depth look at the trends, weekly updates, and invaluable data from IMRG. Discover the leading categories and delve into customer behaviour surrounding the biggest day of the year.

Explore diverse campaign approaches and discover external factors that might have influenced performance positively or negatively during this period.

This webinar will give you instant access to the freshest ecommerce trends across various retail sectors and key metrics, offering insights into how the average retailer has fared this month.

This webinar will only cover preliminary findings from Black Friday 2023, to find out the full story attend IMRG’s Christmas Connect, which you can register for here.

Key Takeaways

  • IMRG Icons-05

    Early reflections on peak

    Hear everything IMRG knows about November and Black Friday performance

  • IMRG Icons-06

    Weekly ecommerce insights

    Discover the average retailers’ performance so far with weekly analysis

  • IMRG Icons-22

    The approaches revealed

    Understand how your approach to peak compares to your peers

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