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Abandoned carts are the main reason behind lost sales for ecommerce stores. Around 75% of people leave products in their cart without finishing the purchase. But hey – they’re not lost opportunities! Shopping cart abandonment tools allow customers to send automated emails, bringing customers back to your site and encouraging them to complete their orders.

Statistics show that abandoned cart email reminders usually have an open rate of 50%, and at least 10% of customers come back to complete their purchase.

Businesses can keep track of their customer’s abandoned carts and trigger personalised communication based on the information. With the Abandoned cart trigger, you can communicate with customers who have left something in their shopping carts without buying it.

To boost your results and get high conversion rates, you might test and evaluate your timing. Because when it comes to abandoned cart emails, timing is everything and what will work for others might not be as effective for you.

3 things every shopping cart abandonment email should hold

Abandoned cart emails are easy to create, and work like a charm when you want to recover lost revenue. With exceptionally high open rates, you don’t want to limit what you include in these emails either. But there are a few things that are crucial to include in the emails before you send them out.

A “this is what you left” reminder

People leave shopping carts behind for several – and sometimes unexpected – reasons. They might be forced to create an account, struggle with complicated checkout processes, or have internet issues. Regardless, you can prioritise simplicity so customers are more inclined to buy your products. One way of doing this is by  displaying what your customer planned to purchase and including a link that easily takes them back to the cart. Another way is to  skip the registration page and tempt the customer with other relevant products that they most likely will love.

Eye-catching email copy

The email copy should be snappy, clear, and compelling enough to entice customers to complete their purchase. A click-worthy subject line also prompts customers to open the email – and adds a sense of urgency to trigger a purchase!

A motivational CTA button

Call-to-action (CTA) buttons can differ in style and size, but their common goal is to motivate customers to come back for their products. When it comes to CTA copy, use  clear and concise text like “Shop now” or “Go back to cart” – or get creative with your word choice! Why not test different CTA texts to see which resonates with your specific audience?

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Strategy tips for shopping cart abandonment emails

Timing is everything!

Timing all depends on what you sell. If you sell expensive furniture like sofas, your customers might need some time before they are ready to make the final purchase decision. After putting the sofa in their shopping cart, the customer may want to head off to one of your stores and look at it IRL, test how comfortable it is, and see different fabrics. In this case, an abandoned cart email is probably not relevant until the next day or even multiple days after. If you, however, sell items that don’t require as much thinking time like accessories, consumer goods, or supplies, an abandoned cart email is likely to have a higher conversion rate if you send it much earlier – maybe just an hour or two after the products were left in the cart.

To optimise your results, test and tweak your timing to find out what works best for your brand. With the right timing, your abandoned cart campaigns will help customers to finalise their purchases more often.

Relevance is the key to success

If you don’t consider relevance, then your abandoned cart campaign is more likely to fail. Few things are more annoying than being reminded to buy an item you’ve already bought. Here, it’s important that your CXP platform can perform a check to see whether the customer has already bought the item before sending out the abandoned cart reminder.

Encourage with a discount

A lot of customers abandon their carts because they realise the final price got too high. One of the easiest ways to bring them back? Issue a discount!

Include social proof

Build trust and encourage customers to go through with their purchase with social proofing. People generally love to hear what others have to say about a product, so using reviews or testimonials as part of the email can increase conversion rates.

Other can’t miss marketing automation workflows to set you up for success

Abandoned cart is just one of many types of marketing automation you can do to increase conversion and loyalty. Most know about the good old birthday and welcome emails and while those are great and important, sometimes going the extra mile really pays off. Childrenswear retailer Polarn O. Pyret has seen great results from their aftercare emails. “We have a loyalty program that helps the customer act more sustainably.

For example, we reward members that hand in or buy second-hand pieces in our stores – or repair their garments so that they can be used for a longer time,” says Åsa Axelsson, CRM Manager at Polarn O. Pyret. “Our ‘aftercare emails’, which the customer receives after buying specific garments have an opening rate of around 50 percent. Some of these emails have contributed to over 44 percent in additional sales,” says Åsa.

Voyado is the Nordic’s leading Customer Experience Platform (CXP) for e-commerce players and retailers and are growing rapidly further into Europe. To find out more on how Voyado can increase your conversion and customer loyalty, book a demo today.

Published 23/08/2022




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