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Royal Mail

Royal Mail and Parcelforce Worldwide, part of Royal Mail Group plc, provide the complete range of delivery services to all 27 million UK addresses, six days a week. These include standard as well as express, time guaranteed delivery services across the UK and the globe. As well as delivering items ordered via the internet, digital TV or more traditional home shopping channels, Royal Mail also provides warehousing and supply chain solutions, delivers catalogues, brochures and other advertising material and has a comprehensive network, through more than 15,000 Post Office branches, enabling consumers to return unwanted items. It has also developed data services to enable retailers to target potential customers more effectively. The Local Collect service, developed by the business to improve delivery convenience for home shoppers, has proved popular with consumers. This enables them to ask for items – which could not be delivered because the customer was not at home to sign for the item or it was too big to go through the letterbox – to be taken to their local Post Office branch for collection at their convenience. Retailers can also provide their customers with the option of delivery to a Post Office branch – because they know it will be more convenient for them – at the point of order. Operations: Operation comprises of more than 70 mail centres that sort and distribute 83 million items a day to more than 1,400 delivery offices for final delivery. Parcelforce Worldwide operates on a hub and spoke system with its fully automated National Hub in Coventry serving around 50 delivery and collection depots nationwide. Royal Mail and Parcelforce Worldwide also provide worldwide delivery through partnerships with other postal authorities and carriers across the globe. Parcelforce Worldwide is part of the GLS network. Specialisation: Delivering mail, packets and parcels. Major Clients: Internet and Catalogue Retailers

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