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Our mission at Linnworks is to simplify commerce operations for everyone. So ecommerce businesses can manage their orders, in the right place, at the right time, without fail. Linnworks is a Connected CommerceOps platform that gives online retailers the power to connect, automate and scale their ecommerce operation from a single source of truth. The platform gives them a bedrock of tools (listings, order / inventory / warehouse management) that is needed to drive new revenue, exceed customer expectations and streamline logistics

Linnworks advanced

Linnworks Advanced is the global growth platform for omnichannel retailers. Power your entire commerce operation from a single platform. With more than 100 integrations, Linnworks covers everything you need - from order and inventory management, analytics and forecasting, warehouse management, selling channel listings, and 3PL/fulfillment. Empower your team with real-time inventory visibility, seamlessly integrated sales channels, and automation for thousands of critical tasks such as order routing. Rest assured that your inventory is always accurate, and that every order is fulfilled correctly and efficiently. Ready with everything you need. Steady to meet the opportunities ahead. Whatever your ambitions, get going and keep growing with Linnworks.

SkuVault Core

SkuVault Core by Linnworks is for growing retailers that want to simplify their ecommerce operation by bringing inventory and warehouse management into one place. We deal with your actual, physical inventory, scanned into and out of your warehouse or store, and then use this real time data to sync with your online marketplaces. Real-time quantity syncs prevent out-of-stocks, barcoding and quality control reduce picking and shipping errors, and our smart reorder reports ensure that your purchasing decisions are backed by hard data. SkuVault Core is built for ecommerce and multichannel merchants. Our solution increases efficiency and improves your bottom line: our clients on average decrease their out of stocks by 10x, reduce labor costs by 30%, and reduce fulfillment time by 87%.
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