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We’re delighted to bring you IMRG’s UK Consumer Home Delivery Review, 2021/22. Our survey tracks the level of customer satisfaction and expectation, regarding online delivery. Now in its 13th year, our trend lines have mapped over a decade of customer feedback, before, and after, the pivotal UK lockdowns. Our review is a crucial tool for shaping retailer’s strategies, informing the delivery proposition, reacting to changes in consumer behaviour, and anticipating future needs.

In the past 13 years, our review has created a unique place for itself within online delivery research, as we get to the heart of what it is that customers are looking for. We ask over 50 questions, consistently targeted around online fulfilment and delivery. With over a decade of trend data, for many of our question outcomes, our report reveals the ever-evolving delivery landscape, and provides invaluable context for every new question that becomes relevant, year after year. We’re mapping the changing landscape of online retail.

Over the life of the review, we have been careful to retain the same questions and maintain the same structure to the survey. This allows us to develop consistent trend information as a foundation for forward-looking insight.

This report maps the changing landscape of online retail.

Key Takeaways:

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    Perception, Satisfaction & Loyalty

    How has consumer sentiment changed across the years and specifically after the pandemic.

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    Delivery Information & Returns

    What is the customer expecting from retailers and what constitutes a good return policy.

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    Environmental Factors & Looking To The Future

    How important is green delivery to the consumer and what can we expect from the future of delivery.

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