Supported by ACI Worldwide

Welcome to the inaugural IMRG UK Checkout Study 2021, a research report tracking retailers’ ecommerce checkout structures, conversion and payment types, with the aim to provide industry benchmarks and insightful trends.

IMRG views the report as a vital tool for helping retailers shape their online checkout proposition, keep on top of changes in consumer behaviour, and anticipate future needs.

IMRG’s analysis of different retailer tactics at the ecommerce checkout, correlated to conversion performance, provides a unique body of work for retailers to explore.

This year’s review is sponsored by ACI Worldwide. Their highly appreciated support and input into the research throughout, enables IMRG to produce a document of huge and important value to the whole retail industry, as it continues to meet consumer demands.

  • Payments

    Which retailers offer which payment type?

  • Delivery

    What are the best and most used delivery options at the checkout?

  • Structure

    What checkout structure leads to the best conversion rates?

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