What do buyers want, and how can retailers optimise their product data to match this?

We live in a data-driven age, in which everything we do is informed by our habits, our preferences, and the algorithms which drive our systems. In order to deliver seamless experiences, retailers are using data more and more, to find out how best to understand shoppers and what it is they want.

Alongside Intelligent Reach, we conducted some research to find out how best data can be utilised in order to make the interactions between buyer and seller as smooth as possible. We asked retailers how much they know about their product data and the information they’re putting out there, and we asked buyers how it is they prefer to shop. How can product data make the experience easy for both parties?

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    Where do buyers begin their searches?

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    Shopper Habits

    How the pandemic has changed shopper habits.

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    Retail Behaviour & Success

    How do businesses utilise their data, and feed it back to the shoppers, and are they doing so effectively?

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