IMRG are excited to be working alongside Lucidworks, to conduct an important investigation into how customers navigate sites and utilise on-site search functions, and to find out how retailers currently support these journeys.

This report shares the findings from an IMRG study looking at how customers navigate retail sites, how use of the onsite search function influences outcomes and what customers expect from retailers.

There are two parts to our findings in this report: the customer survey conclusions, and the findings from our retailer research. Firstly, we found out what customers experienced with site navigation, search, and recommendations, and then compared this to what retailers were offering.

Key Takeaways:

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    Purchasing Behaviour

    Find out how customers search across websites, and their general experience of site navigation and search.

  • Retailer Research

    How do retailers view their own site search and navigation functionalities on their website?

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    Site Optimisation

    How can you, as a retailer, get the best performance out of your search and navigation?

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