Q2 2018/19 (May 2018 to July 2018)

  • The percentage of sales via mobile devices reached an all-time high of 58%. In Q3 2013 it was half that amount.
  • The average percentage of new customers declined yet again to 36% as the online shopping market matures. In Q2 2014 it was 49%.
  • Revenue share from social channels broke past the 1% barrier in Q2 2018 (based on last click). The channel is yet to report any significant revenue contribution when viewed on a last click basis.
  • The length of user sessions is slowly increasing: the average time spent on a retail website is now just over 4 minutes.
  • Clothing retailers are showing as the most successful for converting new customer visits: the total market average is 22%.
  • The discount rate dropped slightly during Q2, possibly due to a strong performance of fullprice summer items during the heatwave.
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