Welcome to the IMRG Global-e UK Cross-border Index.

The index analyses data from around 270 UK retailers and brands who trade internationally using Global-e’s cross-bordere commerce solutions. By comparing a consistent data sample Year over Year, the Cross-border Index enables the retail industry to track trends in international ecommerce trading.

Cross-border performance (overall)

In the early months of 2020, when the pandemic started to exert some influence within various countries, discretionary cross-border sales growth fell in to negative territory. Since April however, it has rebounded. Growth trend remained positive through Q2 and, as chart I below shows, UK retailers saw a significant spike starting from September and maintaining right across the final quarter. Though a spike in sales around the Christmas trading peak is perhaps to be expected, it’s important to note that the significant rise started earlier, with cross-border sales volume growing in October and December continuing to trade strongly.

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