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Black Friday has demonstrated a remarkable ability for refusing to settle down into a reliable pattern. It was a day, then a weekend, then a week and now, quite possibly, it’s the entire month of November.

Or, is it even more than that? As people know that there is a period approaching Christmas when all retailers are forced into heavy discounting, it has a significant impact on customer behaviour over the months leading into – and out of – November too.

Black Friday 2018 was a very interesting event, probably the most disruptive and confusing one since 2014. So what did we learn this year, and where does it go from here? This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the peak period in 2018, backed by extensive sales data provided directly to IMRG by more than 210 leading retailers.

This report covers:

  • Which dates we now term as the ‘peak’ period
  • Overall Christmas trading performance
  • Lessons from Black Friday 2018
  • Six reasons why spend was subdued during Black Friday 2018
  • Email marketing volume throughout November
  • The preferred peak delivery option
  • Predictions for the future

This report is supported by IBM.

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