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In the run up to peak trading, retailers are thinking about how best to maximise their performance over the Black Friday period. We observed volatile consumer trends from Black Friday 2019 to 2020, across an unprecedented year, accounted for by the pandemic.

We’re all wondering what might happen in 2021, as shoppers return to a hybrid combination of online retail, and high street browsing. With growing concerns regarding the supply chain, it’s important to consider factors that could impact your business’ performance ahead of the busiest day of the year.

YoY growth continues to rise, and it is predicted that discounts will keep shifting earlier and earlier into November, meaning shoppers are keen to get their bargains early ahead of the holiday season.

So what are the key factors we are tracking in the run-up to Black Friday 2021?

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    Earlier & Longer

    How have Black Friday campaign launches changed over time?

  • Increased Spending

    Has spending across peak season changed increased or decreased?

  • What’s Selling?

    Which categories are performing the best going to into peak?

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