IMRG insight reports are designed to promote your industry knowledge while generating hundreds of leads to fill your sales pipeline.

By co-creating an industry report with IMRG, you’ll get the chance to position your brand in front of our audience of over 20,000+ ecommerce leaders. You will also be a guest feature on our highly acclaimed weekly webinar, known as the Weekly Data Show, which will generate 150+ leads.

With the combined reach of these marketing efforts, the total campaign will deliver an impressive 500+ leads, helping you to increase brand visibility and welcome the potential for business growth and success.

The reports that we create with our technology partner community focus on key industry topics which help our retail audience to overcome the challenges and maximise the opportunities that they’re facing.

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Co-branding and marketing

The reports are co-branded and promoted in collaboration with your organisation. Your brand will reach our 18,000+ strong audience of ecommerce leaders and decisions makers. The report will feature on our website, as well as on webinars, emails, newsletters, and social channels for maximum impact. You will also get the opportunity to present your findings, positioning yourself as industry thought leaders.

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What makes IMRG reports unique?

IMRG reports are highly regarded in the industry for their authoritative insight and market-leading neutrality. Their bespoke consumer research and insights from IMRG’s retail leadership network accurately reflects current trends and behaviours in the market.

In sponsoring an IMRG report, you can assist us in providing valuable resources for businesses that strive to make informed decisions and remain competitive.

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IMRG reports cover an array of topics in ecommerce, including but not limited to delivery, returns, packaging, cross-border, marketing, merchandising, customer service, platform & performance, AI and personalisation, payment, risk management, and sustainability.

To position yourselves as ecommerce thought leaders, IMRG will collaborate with you on the report’s focus, direction, and angle.

Best practice reports survey 1000 consumers via targeted questions, yielding insights for retailers. IMRG also offer optimisation report sponsorships* which survey ecommerce leaders on their performance and strategies for specific topics.

All reports are accompanied by IMRG research and data, enriching the report’s value.

*Current optimisation reports available for sponsorship:

Black Friday 2023 Ecommerce Outlook: A survey on retailers’ expectations, possible category trends, and campaign timing insights. Sponsors can offer tips for enhancing Peak trading performance.

Take a look at some examples of IMRG reports.

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Job titles you can reach:

  • C Suite (CMO/COO/CEO)
  • Director of (Ecommerce/Fulfilment/Digital/Multichannel)
  • Head of (Digital Marketing/Customer Experience/Carrier Management/Operations)
  • Senior Manager (International Development/Marketing/Trading/Insight & Analytics)
  • Manager (CX/Performance Marketing/Ecommerce/Logistics)

You are not limited to these job titles; these are examples only.

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"IMRG reports provide unparalleled brand awareness on topics that are relevant to our business. They also help to feed our pipeline with relevant leads."
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