IMRG Data Summit 2019

Actionable insight for optimising online customer journeys

IMRG Data Summit focusses on identifying best practice across four stages of a typical customer journey – attracting visitors to retail sites, providing compelling browsing experiences, converting those browsers into customers, then turning those customers into advocates.

Through a mix of IMRG data presentations, retailer keynotes and expert panel debates, attendees will learn how to:

  • Optimise areas across the site for greater conversion
  • Identify opportunities for efficiency
  • Develop high quality customer journeys

Keynote Speakers

  • Alex Loizou

    Alex Loizou

    Co-Founder, CPO | Trouva

    Alex will be speaking on data in marketplaces, the significance of utilising data for automation within a marketplace setting, and the challenges of personalisation based on variable/dynamic non-controlled supply.

  • Andy Mulcahy

    Andy Mulcahy

    Strategy and Insight Director | IMRG

    Andy has worked at the heart of the online retail industry since 2010 – researching and producing reports on trends and developments affecting the sector. During that time, Andy has developed strong knowledge in multiple areas of online retail, with particular expertise in Black Friday. Andy is also a frequent conference speaker and media commentator.

  • Matthew Walsh

    Matthew Walsh

    Data and Retail Director | IMRG

    Matthew is responsible for all of the data and market reporting that IMRG publish. He produces the IMRG CapGemini Retail Index which is the largest and longest running eCommerce benchmark in the UK. Matthew also regularly provides data presentations to our retail members explaining the latest trends in ecommerce. Matthew is the first point of contact for our retail members.


08.00 -

Registration & Breakfast


09.00 -

What makes a good homepage/landing page?

Getting a prospective customer to visit your site can take a lot of hard work; how should that initial landing experience be structured to improve chances of conversion?

Andy Mulcahy, Strategy and Insight Director, IMRG

09.20 -

Retailer Keynote

Details forthcoming

09.50 -

Partner Insight - Conversant

10.10 -

Panel Session - What are the most effective ways to attract visitors to your site?

This session will debate the approaches retailers can use to deliver visitors to the site, focusing on marketing channels, methods, campaigns and landing pages

10.40 -

Refreshment Break


11.10 -

Partner Insight

Details forthcoming

11.20 -

IMRG Insight - Which elements can have the strongest influence on shoppers?

When visitors enter the browsing stage of their journey, how can retailers optimise areas of the experience to increase chances they will proceed to the final stages of purchase?

Matthew Walsh, Director of Data and Retail, IMRG

11.40 -

Panel Session - How can you create quality browsing experiences for site visitors? 

This session will debate the techniques and tactics that retailers can employ to engage and inspire site visitors, focusing on merchandising, personalisation, functionality and promotion of options (payments, delivery etc).

12.10 -

IMRG Insight - Where are the key areas for growth in online retail?

This special session will use IMRG’s new dashboard to showcase highly refined outputs to identify which specific groups of retailers (split by target demographic, size, tier etc) are recording the strongest growth, as well as which subcategories in multiple product sectors are driving it.

Matthew Walsh, Director of Data and Retail, IMRG

12.30 -

Lunch Break


13.30 -

Partner Insight

Details forthcoming

13.40 -

Retailer Keynote - Alex Loizou, Co-Founder & CPO, Trouva

Details forthcoming

14.10 -

IMRG Insight - What can retailers do to optimise their checkouts? 

For some retailers, around two-thirds of shoppers abandon their purchases at the checkout; for others it’s less than one-in-five, so why do some checkout pages perform so much better than others?

Andy Mulcahy, Strategy and Insight Director, IMRG

14.25 -

Panel Session - How can you convert browsers into customers?

Connecting a shopper to a product of interest only represents another stage of their journey – they can still change their mind if the available options and experience doesn’t match their expectation. This session will debate how this process can be made as efficient as possible. 

14.55 -

Refreshment Break


15.25 -

Partner Insight

Details Forthcoming

15.35 -

IMRG Insight - How can retailers increase the chances of customer loyalty?

Once a sale is completed, everything associated with actually fulfilling the order becomes important – a mistake at that point can drastically change the customer’s satisfaction with their purchase. What does good look like here?

Matthew Walsh, Director of Data and Retail, IMRG

15.50 -

Panel Session - How can you ensure customer delight across the overall experience?

This session will debate the ways in which retailers can ensure they fulfil orders in line with rising expectation and develop strategies to drive advocacy among the customer base.   

16.20 -

Drinks Reception


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Who Should Attend?

This conference is structured around some of the unique data that IMRG tracks on the online retail industry – using these indicators as the starting point for a series of sessions that interrogate trends and provide insights into what retailers can do to improve their performance. We will look at the impact this has on the business and teams within. If you want to understand the latest trends and developments in these areas this conference is a must-attend for you. If your role or responsibility falls into one of the below, you will benefit from attending the IMRG Summit:

  • Heads of eCommerce
  • Heads of Multichannel Retailing
  • Global Heads of eCommerce
  • Heads of Logistics / Delivery
  • Heads of Marketing
  • Managers / Directors
  • Marketing Directors
  • Analysts 

This event is open to all IMRG retailer members*, and IMRG Taskforce** solution provider members at no charge***. Non-member suppliers can attend but will be charged £1500. We will contact registered non-member suppliers to notify them of cost of access. Access to the event is controlled by IMRG and people will be refused entry if payment is not cleared on the day. 

*An online retailer would be a B2C operation selling products or services, via a website with transactions completed fully, including payment, via any interactive channel, from any location. These operations may have a social media presence, store, or be linked via a marketplace but would operate primarily via their own domain and not via a marketplace alone. Unfortunately 3rd party agencies who have retailers as clients are not classed as retailers themselves but would be a solution provider.

**IMRG’s Taskforce is an elite group of senior solution providers who help us address some of the key issues facing industry through a series of focused outputs. The group covers a wide range of expertise and benefit from multiple opportunities for exposure to our online retail community

***Attendees registering under incorrect ticket types will be reviewed and cancelled with access to the event refused.

Where Is It?

IMRG are delighted to be holding the Data Summit at the Cavendish Conference Centre.

Cavendish Conference Centre

22 Duchess Mews

Google map

Nearest Tube Stations:

  • Oxford Circus
  • Regent's Park
  • Great Portland Street

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