In IMRG’s weekly analysis, we bring you key insight, in order to look to the future and identify key trends. We strive to bring you all of our important information for the week, within the space of half an hour. 

In this weekly data show, we’ll be taking a look at how ecommerce performance has fared during January, as we’re getting into the swing of 2022. We’ll look at ABV, CR and more data analysis, such as category performance across the board. How is the market performing in January 2022, and how does that look year-on-year?

Key Takeaways:

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    Online Demand

    Find out if demand is looking positive in the early weeks of the new year.

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    Category Performance

    How are product categories performing currently?

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    Attitudes toward fast delivery

    How have customer expectations changed during the past two years?

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    How to stand out

    What strategies should retailers adopt, based on the first month of the year?

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