Find out how the ecommerce market is performing during September and how supply and stock issues are affecting growth as we approach peak.

Following a slightly underwhelming August, we take a look at whether demand has picked up again in September or whether supply and stock issues are still feeding through to performance ahead of peak trading.

The nationwide heavy goods vehicle (HGV) driver shortage, which has been exacerbated due to Brexit and the coronavirus pandemic, means around 90,000 fewer drivers are on the road than needed.

With Mirakl and Secret Sales we look at how much supply and stock issues are still impacting online retailers, and what other options there are for order fulfillment.

  • Market Performance

    How much are supply and stock issues still impacting online retailers, and what other options are there for order fulfilment?

  • Metrics & Optimisation

    What are the pros and cons of selecting a dropship or marketplace structure for your fulfilment strategy, and can they be complementary?

  • In The Spotlight

    How have Secret Sales used their marketplace to date, where did they find success, and what are their plans for going international?

  • Best Practice & Achieving Excellence

    How can a marketplace affect the customer journey and what elements of customer experience do you need to consider when using a marketplace platform solution?

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