In this week’s show (11th Jul), IMRG will navigate one of retailers’ toughest challenges: improving online conversion rates. We will provide performance benchmarks and explore key factors influencing growth, offering insights to help you optimise your strategies and boost conversion. 

We will look at industry average conversion rates and how this metric has changed over time, taking time to consider how this metric performance varies across product categories such as clothing, electricals, gifts, health & beauty, and home & garden. We will also offer advanced benchmarking opportunities by sharing how this metric compares across different market tiers and retail formats.

Next, we will consider the top influences on conversion, thinking about what may hinder or accelerate performance. For example, we will investigate the influence of free delivery on conversion, providing IMRG research data for you to take back to your business.

The show will also feature guest industry experts who will provide tactful tips on boosting conversion from both home territory and cross-border customers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Average CVR rates

    Find out the average eCommerce conversion rates in 2024

  • CVR across categories

    Discover how conversion compares across product categories

  • Free delivery trends

    Hear about the influence of free delivery, with IMRG’s DSi data

  • Industry expert advice

    Benefit from expert advice on how to experience growth in the current market

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