In this week’s show (27th Jun), IMRG will explore how retailers can diversify their marketing channel mix for greater traffic and engagement. You will learn which marketing channels are presenting the greatest opportunities for retailers, helping you to effectively allocate your time and budget.

The show will provide a comprehensive breakdown of marketing channel performance, including email, social, affiliate, display, organic and paid, helping you to identify which will give you the best ROI. Also benefit from learning how to optimise each channel. For example, with email, IMRG will reveal the ideal sending frequency and tactics to boost open rates.

Learn how to drive healthy traffic, improve conversion, and grow your ecommerce business in 2024 with insight from our guest speakers Linnworks, RevLifter, and Tradebyte.

Key Takeaways:

  • Weekly ecommerce insights:

    Find out how ecommerce has been performing in recent weeks

  • Getting the right mix:

    Consider which marketing mix generates the best results for retailers

  • Growing traffic:

    Hear about where there are opportunities to grow good quality traffic in 2024

  • Get expert advice:

    Benefit from industry expert advice on how to avoid setbacks

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