This week’s webinar (29th Feb) will present average conversion rate performance across numerous product categories, market tiers, and retail formats, providing you with the data needed to benchmark your performance in 2024 so far.

The average retailer has seen consistent declines in their conversion rates since 2021 (post-lockdown). With our weekly data, we will reveal whether conversion rates have improved or worsened in 2024 so far, and we will explore whether current market conditions signal potential change.

This webinar will enable you to find out how your average conversion rate compares to your peers and pinpoint opportunities for growth throughout the rest of 2024. Special features include nShift, RevLifter, and Upp AI on how the topics of delivery, promotions, and advertising can be tailored to help you improve your conversion rate.

  • Weekly CVR Trends

    Discover weekly average conversion rate performance across the industry

  • IMRG Icons-05

    CVR by product category

    See whether conversion is still down for most product categories

  • IMRG Icons-10

    CVR in 2024

    Consider whether conversion rates will improve based on current market conditions

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