Today’s webinar (19 Oct) will deliver a comprehensive review of ecommerce performance as we approach the eagerly anticipated Black Friday month of November. We’ll reveal how key online metrics, including Average Basket Values (ABV), are currently performing and the anticipated trends as we move into the upcoming month.

During this webinar, you’ll gain insights into how ABV varies across different types of retailers, including budget, mid-market, and premium segments, as well as by retail format, such as multi-channel or online-only businesses. Our experts will not only present this data but also place it in context.

They will explore how factors like the cost of living, the enduring effects of the pandemic, and other external variables have shaped the current retail landscape. Additionally, we will delve into whether additional variables will come into play as we draw closer to the peak trading season.

Key Takeaways

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    Weekly ecommerce insight

    Discover how your performance last week compared to the industry average

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    Average Basket Value trends

    Take away all the latest insight into ABV performance

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    Granular benchmarking

    Benchmark your ABV against your relevant category and retail type

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