Today’s webinar (24 August) will focus on how to improve customer retention and loyalty for online stores.

We will be sharing an overview of the industry’s average retention rate and looking at what the data is telling us across the various ecommerce categories, providing you with insight into how you can retain your customers and keep them coming back.

As well as your weekly ecommerce performance rundown, this webinar will be looking at each of the customer classifications; new, existing, and reactivated. You will learn the total market average order shares, frequencies, and values, as well as new customer rates and lifetime values.

You will also benefit from exclusive IMRG data that will reveal the latest ecommerce trends.

Key Takeaways

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    Understand your customer

    Discover the average tenure of active customers across various categories

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    Benchmark your business

    Learn how average order shares, frequencies, and values compare by customer classification

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    Retain more customers

    Use exclusive data and insights to learn where there is room for improvement

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