Join us on at our annual Thames boat cruise, where you’ll discover which international markets are most lucrative for UK ecommerce expansion and how you can enter them with minimal friction.

Our brand new international index will be revealed as we cruise along in a luxury paddle steamer, called The Dixie Queen, showing UK sales growth across 10 additional markets in six territories. This data and insight will help you to understand where and how to build strategies to access these markets.

You’ll also get the opportunity to join discussions with your retail peers, focusing on how you can overcome the challenges that are faced when expanding globally.

The data and insight revealed will enable you to reinforce any current cross-border strategies, while equipping you with the knowledge to grow your international operations throughout 2023.

Key Takeaways

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    Barriers to entry 

    Overcome barriers and challenges to entering international markets

  • IMRG Icons-26

    Expansion strategies

    Find out how your peers are entering international markets and what strategies you can implement

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    Specific territories

    Discuss how to develop strategies that can build your market share in specific international territories

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    International index

    Discover quantifiable data that can help to enhance your cross-border strategy

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