*** Please note that this is a Retailers only event.***

In this session, you’ll have the chance to meet virtually with other retailers, in order to discuss website and search navigation. The intention is for everyone to leave the session having learnt from the experiences of other retailers in that area, and take ideas and potential strategic approaches back to their business for consideration.

Sign up to the session and join your retail peers online, to find out how customers navigate websites. Are we seeing any changes in how they do it, in response to the cost of living spikes? How can we encourage visitors to use the site-search function to create better conversion?

Key Takeaways

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    Site Navigation

    Find out how customers are navigating websites, and how this could guide your strategy.

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    Changes Over Time

    Have there been changes in how customers are using websites and features such as the site-search?

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    How can you better your website for higher conversion?

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