This virtual roundtable networking event brings together retailers to discuss how to optimise website layout and features to create smooth and superior customer journeys.

The modern UK customer’s needs are complex, and by reflecting on their site navigation needs with fellow retailers, you will increase your awareness of methods that work well, or not so well, which will help inform your strategy going forward.

IMRG will reveal how each stage of the customer funnel is performing, from view a product to payment, and discuss what customers expect or appreciate from retailers at each stage. We will consider the value of search and product placement, as well as top techniques to grow conversion and average order values, and much more. 

We recommend that you find a quiet place to join and make the most of the discussion.

*** Please note that this is a Retailers only event. It is a roundtable designed for conversation, so please come ready to contribute.***

Key Takeaways

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    The Customer Journey

    Discover how customers are navigating online retail sites and their level of engagement at each stage.

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    Retailer Guidance

    Learn from other retailers on what site navigation strategies were or were not successful.

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    Industry Expert Advice

    Benefit from the knowledge of industry experts who can answer your questions.

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    Metric Growth Focus

    Discuss how to optimise each stages of your site for improved metric performance.

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