This virtual roundtable networking event is designed to help UK retailers learn how to effectively acquire new customers through marketing channels.

Join this Retailers Discuss session (12th Jul) to learn about how various marketing channels used for acquisition (email, organic search, paid ads, social, display, affiliates, and direct) perform for the average UK retailer. To set up the conversation, IMRG will reveal the average conversion rates and average order values (AOV) for each type of acquisition channel, enabling you to see which ones are the most effective for growth.

In this interactive and informal discussion, you will have the opportunity to learn from other retailers on the ways they have or are planning to optimise marketing channels in 2023, all the while sharing your own thoughts and strategies for customer acquisition. We recommend that you find a quiet place to join and make the most of the discussion.

*** Please note that this is a Retailers only event. It is a roundtable designed for conversation, so please come ready to contribute.***

Key Takeaways

  • Marketing Channel Exploration

    Discover how each type of marketing channel is used for customer acquisition

  • IMRG Icons-15

    Conversion Rate & AOV Optimisation

    Find out which acquisition channel is the most effective at driving conversion rates and average order values

  • IMRG Icons-02

    Retailer Networking

    Benefit from gaining and sharing advice on acquisition with other retailers

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