Join us for an hour-long virtual roundtable discussion with your fellow industry peers to reflect on the current use of artificial intelligence (AI) in ecommerce and what it is capable of achieving. You will leave the session better informed of AI trends and best practices, making you ready to optimise your approach.

Before the session, start to think about these key questions:

  • Where do you use personalisation currently?
  • Have you experimented with generative AI; what did you find?
  • Are you using AI / modern tech in any interesting ways?
  • Have you been involved with any interesting data projects?
  • What would you ideally like AI tech to enable for your business?

You will get to hear from and speak to other retailers on their experiences with AI, enabling you to learn from each other’s successes and setbacks. Not only this – AI experts will be on hand to share their top tips and answer all of your questions. 

**Please note that this is a retailers-only event. It is a roundtable designed for conversation, so please come ready to contribute.**

Key takeaways:

  • The use of AI: Hear about the top use cases of AI in ecommerce in 2024
  • Strategic implementation: Learn how to implement AI and strategically adapt it for growth
  • The results: Find out the results of AI and how it has shaped your peers’ businesses
  • Future prospects: Consider the type of AI that could streamline growth in the future
  • Expert advice: Listen to key insights from AI experts and benefit from their advice

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