Join us for an hour-long virtual roundtable discussion on acquisition/marketing channel optimisation, looking at which channels drive the most conversion and average order values (AOV), and how each channel can be best utilised in the current market.

We will look at acquisition channels such as email, organic, paid ads, social, display, affiliates, and direct, and use IMRG’s Index data to reveal how each is performing. Then industry experts ASK BOSCO, Dark Matter Commerce, and Upp AI will provide opening thoughts on the trends they’re seeing, helping you to compare your own practices to your peers.

Next, we will engage in informal discussions about approaches to driving conversion and spend through each channel, learning from each other’s experiences.

Before the session, start to think about these key questions:

  • Which marketing channel is best for driving acquisition and why?
  • Which marketing channel provides the strongest conversion?
  • Which marketing channel provides the highest spend?
  • Which marketing channels don’t work for you and why?
  • Are there any innovations you are interested in?

Key Takeaways:

  • Boosting customer acquisition: Consider how each marketing channel can be used to acquire new customers
  • Channel prioritisation: Find out which marketing channels are the best for conversion and AOV
  • Marketing innovation: Hear about the innovative ways retailers are using each channel in 2024
  • Expert advice: Gain valuable advice from industry experts and your retail peers

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