*** Please note that this is a Retailers only event.***

In this session, you’ll have the chance to meet with other senior retailers over breakfast at a top London restaurant, in order to discuss Black Friday. The intention is for everyone to leave the session having learnt from the experiences of other retailers in that area, and take ideas and potential strategic approaches back to their business for consideration.

Sign up to the session and join your retail peers to find out what the world cup will do to Black Friday campaigns; will it have a marginal impact or do retailers need to plan around the schedule carefully? Will retailers adjust their plans significantly, or is it business as usual?

Key Takeaways

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    Find out how other retailers are approaching Black Friday, and learn from your senior retail peers

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    How can you adapt your strategy for Black Friday, to mitigate the impacts of the world cup?

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    What does a successful strategy look like for peak season this year?

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