Peak Connect Virtual 2022 delivers a series of online sessions, all aimed at helping you to overcome the opportunities and challenges surrounding the upcoming peak trading periods.

Presented by our very own data experts and external industry influencers, we cover topics such as launch dates, length of campaigns and customer behaviour during Black Friday and Christmas.

Learn from fellow retailers in the industry, and listen to IMRG present their key findings from the year; we’ll discuss how to best utilise this knowledge to inform this year’s crucial period.

You’ll discover how best to enact a winning strategy ahead of the peak trading periods.


Thursday 15 September - Online

09:30 - 09:40 AM
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Black Friday 2022 – what could possibly go wrong?

With shoppers facing the worst financial situation in decades and the world’s biggest football tournament snaring their attention on the most important ecommerce period of the year, what chance is there for things to go well?

Andy Mulcahy, Strategy and Insight Director, IMRG
09:40 - 09:55 AM
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Panel: How should retailers react to the World Cup?

As disruptive as it could be, the World Cup offers opportunities for retailers too.

  • Where are the opportunities?
  • How can they make the most of them?
  • How should they adapt their campaigns?
09:55 - 10:05 AM
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Q&A with Muktar Mahama, Head of Digital Product at The Very Group

What lessons did The Very Group learn from the Black Friday period in 2021, as supply chain issues impacted stock across industries, and what is their expectation for this year?
10:05 - 10:15 AM
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what REALLY is the correct approach to building a connected identity?

With consumers expecting an increasing level of personalisation and relevance in advertising, the market and industry press have become saturated with solutions and ideas to solve identity. Brands are faced with an increasing number data and platform partnerships to choose from. In this session Epsilon explores the best approach to building a connected identity which increases brands opportunity to drive business results and future proof their marketing.
10:15 - 10:30 AM
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Panel: Approaches to merchandising

How can retailers get the right balance between focusing on pushing high-demand items and those they just want to clear? How can the number of items per order be increased?
10:30 - 10:40 AM
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A reminder of performance over Black Friday 2021

The pandemic lockdowns skewed the year-on-year growth figures in 2021, but November’s performance generally was below par. This session provides a reminder of what we tracked last year.

Matthew Walsh, Director of Data and Retail, IMRG
10:40 - 11:00 AM
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Panel: What lessons can retailers take from recent Black Fridays?

Retailers have had to trade through the biggest disruption any of us have known – pandemic, supply chain crises etc; what are the learnings from these turbulent events that can help them plan for 2022?
11:00 - 11:10 AM
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Facilitating peak performance during tough times: Lessons from consumer research

Alex Shepherd, industry veteran from Adobe, draws on insights from over nine thousand consumer interviews to provide tips on best practice before, during and after peak events like Black Friday – particularly relevant in light of the tough economic climate.
11:10 - 11:25 AM
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When will campaigns launch in 2022?

There has been a consistent trend for Black Friday campaigns to launch earlier into November; will that continue again in 2022?

Matthew Walsh, Director of Data and Retail, IMRG
11:25 - 11:40 AM
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Panel: What makes a good Black Friday campaign?

Discount high or low, wide or narrow, early or late? Do you need to discount, could alternative messages such as charity donations or sustainability initiatives work better? This panel will debate how to find the best approach for you.
11:40 - 11:50 AM
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Reviews and the Customer Experience

Find out how customers interpret reviews on retail sites and what their expectations currently are.
11:50 - 12:00 PM
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3 Tips for Preparing Product Data for Peak Season

Find out how to get your product data in shape based on insight from a new IMRG and Intelligent Reach report.
12:00 - 12:10 PM
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IMRG forecast for Black Friday 2022 online sales performance

How do we anticipate shoppers will respond to retailers’ campaigns this year, given the cost of living spikes and distractions of the World Cup?

Director of Data and Retail, Matthew Walsh, IMRG
12:10 - 12:25 PM
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Panel: After the Black Friday dust has settled

Black Friday offers a great opportunity to acquire customers, but this can be at the expense of margin. What strategies should retailers use to ensure they make the most of these new customers over a longer period?
12:25 - 12:35 PM
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What approaches to discounting do retailers take, and which are most effective?

Are some better than others and, if so, why? We analyse the data to identify patterns in trading for 300 retailers.

Matthew Walsh, Director of Data and Retail, IMRG

Keynote Speakers


Ash Madhav

Head of Customer Insight & Engagement
Revolution Beauty

Louise Mortimer

Head of Analytics & Optimisation
Estée Lauder
Paul re-joined The Very Group in January 2021 as Digital Customer Experience Director, and prior to that led the online business at Matalan for 3 years as their Director of eCommerce.

Within his current role he is responsible for driving the digital customer experience across all of The Very Group’s brands and touchpoints, leading a collection of squads who focus on making data informed decisions to improve the journey and drive forward the technology landscape.

Muktar Mahama

Head of Digital Product
The Very Group

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