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You won’t want to miss out on IMRG’s annual Christmas party full of feel good festive fun, as we bring to life all the data we’ve collected from this Black Friday period. With fresh facts, and new insights, you’ll be treated to an array of key knowledge in the form of engaging presentations at the prestigious London Transport Museum. 

Be prepared to find out key facts about the performance of over 300 top retailers over the peak period: from the sales growth of the top ecommerce players throughout Black Friday, to the campaigns stretching the month of November, this in-person event is the most informative peak breakdown you’ll find in the industry.

Key Takeaways:

  • Market Performance

    Market Performance

    We give you key insight, from the discounting rate, to conversion and spending patterns. You’ll get previews into some of the most important data and trends from this crucial trading period.

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    A Look Ahead

    Learn what trends retailers have seen during peak trading, and how this can benefit your company in the future.

  • In The Spotlight

    We’ll look at in depth data relating to retail marketing, retail campaigns, performance and sales with presentations from experts and top retailers.

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    Achieving Excellence

    This public reveal of our expansive Black Friday analysis will mean you’re the first to know about crucial trends and changes in customer’s habits and needs.

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