This virtual champagne brunch will unite health and beauty retailers to discuss shifts in customer behaviour, expectations for the rest of the year, and how to navigate the (hopefully) easing cost-of-living crisis.

H&B was down -15% in 2022. Even so, its sub-categories have seen big increases at times, just inconsistently so. It is a category that is defined by inconsistency, getting positive growth one week then a decline the next. How has the year started, and what trends can we identify that might shape performance for the rest of the year?

As we see the cost-of-living crisis ease up, where are the opportunities for growth, how has the competitive landscape changed, and what do retailers need to do to succeed?

We’ll also reveal how the biggest 10 retailers (anonymised) in health and beauty actually performed over the last year… this session is not one to miss.


*** Please note that this is a retailers only event.***

Key Takeaways

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    Improve online metrics

    Discover industry average and implement techniques to improve key online metrics

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    Benchmark your business

    Find out how the top health & beauty retailers are performing in 2023

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    Discover new opportunities

    Identify opportunities for growth throughout 2023

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