Welcome to our annual Spring Lunch hosted at the luxurious Ivy Club, London. Join your peers in indulging over five delicious courses while we showcase effective customer acquisition and retention strategies across the entire digital journey.

IMRG data revealed some striking Year-on-Year declines across numerous categories in 2023, highlighting the need for retailers to refine their strategies and experience growth in 2024. To help with this, we have designed an event which revolves around customer acquisition and retention – two incredibly important areas for focus this year.

We’ll share insights from our latest senior retailer survey on effective strategies for boosting acquisition and loyalty. As we navigate each stage of the customer purchasing journey, we will reveal which channels are seeing the highest growth rates, the impact of loyalty programmes, exemplary post-purchase tactics, and much more.

During roundtable discussions with your retail peers, you will be able to discuss all the barriers and opportunities around converting new customers and prompting loyalty from existing customers.

Key Takeaways:

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    Drive growth

    Discover customer acquisition and retention strategies to drive growth in 2024


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    Optimise the entire journey

    Analysis of growth channels, the impact of loyalty programs, and post-purchase tactics.

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    Overcome barriers

    Exploring barriers and opportunities in converting new customers and creating loyalty

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    Share knowledge

    Exchange ideas with peers while you indulge in a five-course meal

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