This breakfast networking event is designed to help you network with fellow retailers and industry experts on ways to improve the customer experience on your site, and subsequently boost conversion rate performance.

We will present you with the total market and individual product categories average conversion rates, and reveal how each stage of the customer funnel is performing for the total UK market, including the view a product page, add to bag, proceed to checkout, and the complete checkout stage.

You will gain insight on how the market averages vary by year and by quarter, and you will see the range of performance across the industry by looking at an anonymised individual retailer view.

The open roundtable discussions will provide plenty of networking opportunities, allowing you to share your knowledge and thoughts with other retailers and industry experts. Join us and better inform your conversion rate optimisation strategy.

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    Benchmark your performance

    Discover industry conversion rate performance across the customer funnel

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    Learn best practice

    Discuss ways to catalyse growth at each stage of the funnel

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    Discover new opportunities

    Explore the benefits of focussing on conversion rate optimisation in 2023

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