Navigating our seniority and event access guidelines

At IMRG, we believe in creating a dynamic and inclusive environment for professionals at every stage of their career. Our event access levels provide a comprehensive framework for engagement, catering to entry-level, mid-level, senior-level, and executive-level individuals within the ecommerce industry.

Certain events within our calendar are tailored to specific levels—be it mid, senior, or executive—but we also host inclusive gatherings that welcome professionals across these tiers, creating a diverse exchange of insights and experiences.

Each of our criteria are explained in detail below:


An exclusive event for Entry-Level ecommerce professionals to explore industry insight and growth within the industry. Join us to connect with peers and delve into strategies which can help you to advance in your ecommerce career.

Job titles include: Intern, Assistant, Junior, Coordinator, etc.


Reserved for Mid-Level ecommerce professionals, this tier offers a deeper dive into leadership and industry insights specific to ecommerce. You’ll get to engage with industry peers and gain valuable perspectives on advancing your ecommerce strategy.

Job titles include: Specialist, Analyst, Supervisor, Manager, Team Lead, etc.


Exclusively designed for Senior-Level ecommerce professionals, this tier focuses on high-level discussions about industry trends, strategic approaches, and leadership in ecommerce. Network with senior peers and explore avenues for continued success in senior roles.

Job titles include: Senior Specialist, Senior Analyst, Senior Manager, Head of Department, etc.


This exclusive event caters to C-suite and Executive-Level ecommerce professionals, providing a platform for strategic discussions and networking with our community of ecommerce leaders. Designed to address strategic visions, innovative leadership, and market insights, this tier focuses on guiding and shaping industry trends at the highest level of ecommerce leadership.

Job titles include: Director, Vice President, Chief [Officer/Executive], President, Chief Operating Officer (COO), Chief Executive Officer (CEO), etc.

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