***Please ensure you review this entire document before submitting content to us***

The purpose of IMRG

We want the IMRG site to be considered as an important resource for online retailers – and all content we host has to reflect that aim.

For blog articles, this means they need to teach our readers something new about the world of online retail. These articles need to be comprehensive and focused on educating our audience about best practice in online retail.

The type of content we are looking for

Examples of the format your article may take, with example titles:

  • Best practice examples – ‘How retailers can improve performance in XX’ / ‘Optimising your

site for mobile

  • Listicles – ‘9 ways to optimise your checkout page for conversion’ / ‘7 ways to improve efficiency in returns processing
  • Thought leadership – ‘An element of Brexit explained’ / ‘What we have learnt about shopper behaviour
  • Infographics 

Important factors in content we publish

  • Cover original concepts and use compelling arguments for your points
  • There is no specific word count, but high-quality and comprehensive posts tend to run at 1,000 – 1,500 words
  • To help boost traffic for your blog, consider basing it around a specific ‘long tail keyword’ –

an example would be ‘online Christmas sales 2016’ rather than ‘Christmas sales’

  • Be personal in tone – be casual but helpful, avoid excessive buzzwords and jargon
  • Please provide proper reference for data, quotations etc
  • We’re looking for posts about specific insights, not broad market overviews – consider listing a few key takeaways at the end of the article
  • No more than one link to your company’s website in the body of the post 

We don’t publish content that

  • Is too similar to what has been covered in our blog before
  • Doesn’t provide genuinely useful information for our audience
  • Is overtly or obviously promotional for your company / service
  • Is potentially offensive, inaccurate or overly critical of individuals or companies 

Please avoid generically advising retailers along the following lines in your content

  • they need to ‘work with partners like you to achieve XX’
  • that your subject area of expertise is the most important thing they need to consider 

Formatting of the content

Following common best practices for online content formatting, try to:

  • Break up your content into sections with headers and sub-headers
  • Keep headlines and sub-headers short
  • Try to avoid long paragraphs
  • Use bullet points if relevant
  • Provide relevant images to illustrate your points
  • Provide key takeaways at the end

A few notes

  • Submissions must meet IMRG’s quality standards in order to get published
  • We want unique content – we cannot allow you to republish your guest post anywhere else afterwards
  • The IMRG team reserves the right to edit and adapt your article to fit with our guidelines (we will agree any changes with you)
  • IMRG reserves the right to include calls-to-action to IMRG sections, including but not limited to our email newsletters
  • We will reject any articles that do not help support us in the aim stated at the beginning of this document