IMRG Members-Only Data Webinar - How can purchase journeys be optimised to inspire shopper confidence?

Keeping shoppers browsing your website isn’t an exact science. Retailers find success with many different designs, and just as many find that they’re seeing a high bounce rate for reasons that can be difficult to identify.

However, there are a few key website nuances that succeed in keeping shoppers engaged time and time again. IMRG have compared the average conversion rates with the website presentations of hundreds of retailers, and pulled out the cornerstones of inspiring customer confidence in purchasing.

What you'll learn

Join IMRG and Trustpilot as we look at various stages of the customer journey, with elements taken from multiple IMRG data studies, where we have found slight variations in how information is presented can influence greater conversion.

In this webinar, we discuss:

  •        Where and how to display delivery info
  •        Efficacy and issues with urgency messaging
  •        Use of reviews at various stages
  •        Market averages of 'problem metrics'
  •        How communication channels can impact retention

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