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As Europe’s leading Order Management System (OMS) vendor, OneStock provides an intuitive omnichannel order management solution. Based on stock unification and order orchestration, OneStock unifies all available stock and makes it available to all sales channels.

As a Web to Store and Store to Web expert, OneStock is customer-centric and offers consistent highly profitable return on investment in addition to enhancing  your customers experience: Order In-Store, Ship From Store, Click & Collect, Reserve & Collect, Returns Management…

The problems our solution fixes

With OneStock, retailers can offer simple and clear answers to all customer frustration points, including:

  • Product unavailability,
  • Lack of delivery options,
  • Non-compliance with delivery times,
  • Lack of ease of self-service returns…

On the retailer side, OneStock’s technology can :

  • Recapture customers and enrich the shopping experience,
  • Meet consumer expectations,
  • Improve profitability…


An Agile OMS with a Unified View of Stock

OneStock provides a unified view of available stock across all of the company’s stock points: Warehouse, Web, Stores, Suppliers, Marketplaces, Resellers, Future Stocks, etc. This stock is then aggregated before being made available to all sales channels with the delivery methods available for each product and then for each customer basket. In this way, retailers have more products available for sale at any given time. The stock is also sold faster throughout the year and the delivery promise is improved. 

To better understand how OneStock works, here are two scenarios:

  • Ship from Store: Online, Unified Stock allows the customer to access all available products and all delivery methods calculated by the Delivery Promise. Once the checkout is done, OneStock orchestrates the order to the stock point(s) most able to honour the promise made to the customer and to satisfy the business criteria, which may be ecological, economic, logistical or even retail. In this example, we can imagine that for home delivery, priority would be given to stores that: have all the products in the customer’s basket, are located within a 30 km radius of the delivery location and have a low stock rotation of the products in the basket. The eligible stores will then be offered the order and the first one to claim it will prepare it and send it to the end customer.
  • Order In-Store: In-store, thanks to OneStock’s interface that is directly integrated into the OMS, the store associates can offer customers the brand’s entire product catalogue and take orders even if the product is out of stock or not in the store’s range. This is made possible by the stock unification system. Payment is then made at the checkout or on the move with a mobile POS.   

The orchestration rules set up in OneStock apply here too. For example, if a store’s sales area is very small or if it’s only a corner or a pop-up store, the orders would most likely be redirected directly to the warehouse.


The value proposition 

OneStock’s value proposition hinges on 3 main components:

  • The flow of stock: through our Order Management System and stock unification, we enable retailers to sell their stock faster, maximise margins and reduce end-of-season residuals
  • The optimisation of resources: OneStock provides store associates with high value-added tools such as the sales tablet (mobile POS). OneStock also improves the overall performance of store associates and shops through scenarios such as Order in Store or Ship From Store…
  • Technological innovation: We make significant investments in R&D to provide a reliable and efficient Order Management System. OneStock is constantly evolving to meet the needs of its most innovative customers. Our Delivery Promise module, for example, was initially developed in response to the needs of the luxury goods industry and, given its relevance, was then standardised to be offered across all sectors.

Visit our website or get in touch to find out more!

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