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It’s time to love your login

Highly secure, password-free login in just two seconds. MIRACL works on any device or browser, removing the barriers to authentication to optimise the the user experience, decrease costs, and win lost revenue.

MIRACL makes the process of login and integration as simple as possible, so it is quicker and easier for prospects to become users, and for users to engage. By rethinking this essential process, MIRACL has created a way for clients to improve user experience and product efficiency – today.

Single-Step MFA

MIRACL provides secure customer authorisation (SCA) in a single step - a 4 digit pin pad. Too often is the login process ignored as part of the customer journey as it is simply difficult to work around, but a necessary evil. Don't sacrifice user experience for compliance and provide a simple, easy to use, login experience that works across 100% of browsers, devices, and apps. To schedule a demo or to learn more about how to A/B test your login, visit us: https://calendly.com/miracl/rev

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