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Metageni brings clarity to your data to predict customer intent and grow sales

Unlocking the value in our clients’ untapped first-party data, our analytics reveal customer intelligence, increasing marketing effectiveness and improving performance.

We combine highly accurate customised AI software solutions with ongoing expert guidance to maximise customer conversion, retention and revenue, saving valuable time, effort and budget along the way.

Metageni was founded in 2015 by Gabriel and Amit with the aim of creating a new kind of analytics capability serving the needs of senior decision makers. With over 20 years of experience in quantitative analytics research, we believe we are at a turning point where intelligent analytical systems can unlock the full value of big data.


Digital click & cross-device attribution for efficiency & growth. People shop around when they buy online, so you need to ‘attribute’ (value) each click, to avoid wasting marketing money and missing opportunities. Imagine if you could correctly value every click and every marketing channel in the journey based on how it changes the probability of sale? Accurate attribution using custom machine learning is our speciality since Metageni founder Gabriel Hughes developed the original positional attribution modelling tool in Google Analytics, while he was at Google. Since then ‘data-driven’ models have become possible but the challenge is making sure these are relevant to your business, and not just a one size fits all black box model. Your attribution model is unique. Is this for you? ClickGeni is a custom designed and built attribution model and reporting pipeline built on your first-party analytics data. Combine with MediaGeni econometrics to incorporate impressions and offline effects. We work in close consultation with your marketing and analytics experts. We offer free workshops around customer journey challenges, for brands who may be interested. Interested to know more? Contact us: [email protected]


We developed ConversionGeni for AO.com adapting models to their Ecommerce customers. The impact was clear and in 2020 independent AB tests proved remarkable incremental lift in conversions. This led to Metageni + AO winning “Best Use of AI” in the London Ecommerce awards We are delighted to now offer this solution to online retailers looking to boost their online conversion rates. Patterns of visitor and customer behaviour can be detected from your first party data and using machine learning we can predict who will buy. The model guides how you respond to customers to achieve an amazing uplift in conversions. Targeted nudges with additional marketing messages or promotions, can change behaviour and stimulate more sales. Analyse, model, predict and then respond to your customer conversion funnel, in real time. Is this for you? ConversionGeni is a custom machine learning model which predicts which online visitors will take a future action, such as a purchase. It is trained exclusively on your first party analytics data, predicting based on anonymous customer data and patterns of behaviour. ConversionGeni models can linked to your website via an API for dynamic personalisation targeting conversion uplift.


Market mix modelling is a long established set of statistical techniques which predate ecommerce and big data, and is perfect for adding offline marketing and influences to your models for whole journey optimisation. Econometric methodology using time series data has much less restrictive data requirements than machine learning. This means external drivers can be analysed such as competitor ads and pricing If the MediaGeni solution is combined with ClickGeni digital click attribution, then we apply an additional reconciliation algorithm to ensure all ROI figures make sense at both the digital and market mix level, for both strategic and tactical success. Is this for you? MediaGeni is a custom econometrics model pipeline plus reporting built on your marketing and business data. It can be combined very effectively with ClickGeni for best in class digital and offline marketing measurement. We work in close consultation with your marketing and analytics experts. We offer free workshops around customer journey challenges, for brands who may be interested. Interested to know more? Contact us: [email protected]
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