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We believe that customer data is the lifeblood of your organisation. Unfortunately, it goes stale over time (up to 25% per year). Much of it caused by incorrect, outdated, or unstructured and fragmented across multiple systems – preventing clear insight, successful marketing, and sales efforts, operational efficiency, and rewarding customer experience.For more than 35 years Melissa has been a leading provider of global data quality and identity verification solutions. Using pioneering technology and multi-sourced global reference data, we provide the solutions to support your Know Your Customer (KYC) initiatives, prevent fraud, reduce costs, and improve fulfilment – at every point of the data chain. see why over 10,000 clients have chosen Melissa to grow their business and achieve more.

Delivery Success: The Future Landscape of Ecommerce Fulfilment

  By Emily Black, Content Executive and Analyst at IMRG In April 2022, we conducted a survey of 300 UK…

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3 Ways to Increase Customer Acquisition & Retention

  By Emily Black, Content Executive and Analyst at IMRG In the first half of 2022, it’s become more apparent…

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2022 Summer Predictions: What Can Retailers Expect?

  By Emily Black, Content Executive and Analyst at IMRG Summer is usually a time for jetting off abroad, flowers…

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A fresh start for ecommerce? 3 Key predictions for online retail

  By Emily Black, Content Executive and Analyst at IMRG As we near the second quarter of 2022, the geo-political…

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8 warehouse factors for retailers to think about

In short, fulfilment is in fashion. The back end is increasingly front and centre. And with online retail significantly up on last year, demand for warehousing space is growing, and retailers continue to prioritise DC planning.

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Will more multichannel retailers go online-only?

There are many questions raised by such a shift in model, not least how should businesses following this route shape themselves, and what will be required to succeed as a multichannel-turned-pureplay retailer? We discussed it with IMRG members, to gauge their views.

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What to do when a three-year eCommerce plan becomes the here and now

The question now is how do retail execs make the most of the current situation or continue to adapt to cater for the ongoing digital shift?

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Retail 2021: predictions for the year ahead

We’ve discussed with the IMRG membership some of the key issues facing retailers
in 2021, and how they might want to shape their thinking to adapt and be ready in what is widely expected to be a more digitally-influenced commerce environment.

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Tips for retailers as delivery fraud escalates

Tips for retailers as delivery fraud escalates By Ben Sillitoe Officers from the Dedicated Card and Payment Crime Unit (DCPCU) made…

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What’s next for pandemic online retail start-ups?

What’s next for pandemic online retail start-ups? By Ben Sillitoe Online marketplace eBay reported in July that there was a…

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How retailers can navigate the HGV driver shortage

By Ben Sillitoe The managing director of frozen food grocer Iceland claimed at the start of September that the UK…

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Why clean customer data is vital for e-tailers during and post pandemic

While things are buoyant for many in ecommerce, to maintain and importantly continue their strong growth during and post pandemic, they must ensure best practice with their customer data. This is particularly important when it costs five times more to acquire a new a customer than retain an existing one.

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How to Maximise Trading During Black Friday

As the festive season looms into view retailers must turn their thoughts to their most profitable period – quarter 4. At this crucial time retailers need to make sure all areas of their business are prepared.

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Six ways to retain customers acquired during the pandemic

While it’s all very well obtaining new customers, the big question is how encourage them to become frequent purchasers, ideally of your higher value products and services.

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Why geocoding gives you an advantage in today’s challenging retail environment

One important service retailers should consider is geocoding. It enables retailers to cost effectively improve delivery, provide a standout customer service, and maximise their marketing and sales efforts.

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How to Reduce Returns Over the Festive Period & Beyond

Product returns are a hassle for both the consumer and retailer but not taking action to further reduce your volume as eCommerce starts to become more common, ultimately increases the chance of losing out on those loyal customers every brand hopes for, and the repeat profit they bring.

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Time to add a customer database health check into your festive shopping basket

While retailers have their sales and marketing campaigns in full swing, as evidence by the proliferation of festive ads on our screens, it’s not too late to ensure that a vital part of their capability to supercharge sales over what remains of the festive period is as accurate as possible – their customer data.

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Reducing Form Abandonment & Enhancing the Checkout Experience for 2021

As many e-tailers have witnessed customers dropping off at the point of purchase, there are several aspects they need to consider optimising the overall checkout experience. Here are some factors to highlight.

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Time for retailers to deliver a consistent global customer experience

Against a challenging backdrop, a large number of retailers have started to take ecommerce seriously over the last twelve months, with lockdowns closing their stores. These merchants have plenty of stock to sell and are increasingly recognising the convenience online shopping provides to their customers.

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What Techniques Do Fraudsters Use Today?

This rapid shift towards online means a greater risk of cybercrime and fraudulent activity, with retailers expected to lose almost $130 billion in revenue worldwide by 2023. Let’s take a look at common fraud challenges retailers face today.

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Rapid growth in online fraud necessitates automation of ID verification

Rapid growth in online fraud necessitates automation of ID verification By Barley Laing, the UK Managing Director at Melissa Online sales have…

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Time to prevent fraud without impacting on the customer journey

Time to prevent fraud without impacting on the customer journey By Barley Laing, the UK Managing Director at Melissa The growth…

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Two Years Since the First Lockdown, What’s Changed for Online Retail?

  By Emily Black, Content Executive and Analyst at IMRG As we approach March 2022, it’s been almost two years…

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