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Knexus visual commerce platform automatically delivers personalized & shoppable influencer, UGC & brand content to the right customer at the key moment – giving shoppers the confidence to purchase.

Knexus is a unique capability in the marketplace which is trusted by leading eCommerce brands including Johnson’s & Johnsons, Lenovo, O2 Telefonica and Acuvue to get their influencer, UGC and brand content out of channel-based silos and into visitor’s digital buying journeys, personalizing it to every shopper and making it instantly shoppable.

Why brands love Knexus:

  1. Fully Automated & Scalable
  2. Industry Leading Performance Uplift
  3. Continuous Improvement
  4. Unique Insights & Data
  5. Flexible Design
  6. Omni-Channel

Book a demo to see Knexus in action or reach out to the team with any questions.

Knexus for Websites

Knexus help you reduce costs and resources whilst successfully scaling UGC & influencer content across all relevant areas of your site - delivering personalized content in real-time through dynamic widgets which update to show the relevant influencer, UGC & brand content based on each shopper’s unique profile.

Knexus for Paid Landing Page Personalization

When a visitor clicks on an a search ad or social ad, Knexus Platform uses machine learning & AI to identify & understand where they came from & what their intent is. Knexus uses these data driven insights to deliver the influencer, UGC, brand content & product recommendation which best match the intent of the individual visitor in the milliseconds it takes for the landing page to load. By seeing hyper relevant validation & social proof content combined with the related product recommendation, each shopper has the confidence to purchase.

Knexus for CRM

Automate CRM campaigns with emails that are not just triggered at the best time based on live CRM data, but are also automatically populated with dynamic influencer, UGC & brand content most relevant to each subscriber. It doesn’t matter what CRM system you use whether that’s Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Adobe or more, Knexus works to supercharge your current campaigns & processes not replace them. Bid farewell to the manual tasks needed to run your current campaigns – everything from segmentation, content & product selection to populating email templates & optimizing each campaign is fully automated. Plus, Knexus plugs into systems such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud quickly & easily – no disruption or complexity.

Knexus for Mobile Apps

Boost the sales potential of every in-app experience with Knexus for Mobile Apps. Every time a user opens your brand’s app, the influencer, UGC, brand content & product recommendations dynamically change to match each user’s unique profile.
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