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E-commerce has grown rapidly into a very competitive space with consumer expectations higher than ever.

DigitalGenius is the code-free customer engagement solution powered by artificial intelligence. From every interaction within its customer network, the DigitalGenius solution continuously learns and evolves, improving its performance. Leveraging more than 50 pre-built use cases, customisable processes and integrations, DigitalGenius can help you make your customers both happy and loyal.

See benefits quickly by using integrations and customisable automations that manage customers through the buying journey in multiple channels. Gather essential customer information and remove friction at every touchpoint to increase customer satisfaction, improve handling times and reduce costs. 


DigitalGenius helps e-Commerce and retail businesses around the world to deliver exceptional customer experiences with: - A continuously evolving and improving e-commerce AI platform, built from learnings with forward-thinking e-commerce business around the world - 50+ pre-built use cases specifically for e-commerce to easily manage seasonal & unpredictable spikes - Proactive interactions provide up-to-date information on deliveries and returns arrivals - Best practices learned from a network of the most innovative e-commerce companies which enable tailored responses and journeys - Customisable integrations and processes tailored to your customers' requirements - Implement and use e-commerce automation at scale - Empower agents to successfully serve customers at every touchpoint - Quickly achieve Zero Backlog with backlog automation DigitalGenius is also - Cloud Technology (SaaS) - Always on, 24/7 365 - Multiple languages are available - Get set up in 1 week with no/low code integrations - Channels Agnostic: Self-Service, Email, Bots, Agents, Proactive, Pre-sales & Voice


Quiksilver delivers fast and effective customer service with DG's platform during peak time period.
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