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Balkan eCommerce

Do you still find it challenging to go cross-border and sell abroad? Yes, indeed it is, there are so many things you have to consider and plan out, in order to set up your ecommerce business abroad successfully. In order to overcome those challenges, you need a trusted partner with strong expertise in the field. Balkan eCommerce is an end-to-end solution for ecommerce shops and full range of e-commerce-related services for online businesses in different countries that can help traders cope with all the issues when establishing on a new market.Balkan eCommerce gives a tailored solution to organize all the operations you have at the same time: Orders fulfillment; Parcel domestic and international cross-border deliveries; Customer service in native language; Online store translation and localization; Digital marketing; Complying to local business specifics.Balkan eCommerce is reliable partner with proven experience in all European markets, providing all the services you need at one place.

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