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Apptus has been delivering search and optimisation related solutions from its base in the technology ‘hot bed’ of Sweden since 2000.

Our latest product, Apptus eSales takes online merchandising to a whole new level. It combines on-site search, list ranking and recommendations for products and content in a single unified solution. Each component learns from and informs the others to deliver a truly relevant and personalised experience and it is proven to increase revenue and profit.

Apptus eSales leverages AI based technology and onsite behavioural data to automate the manual workload that has previously fallen to search optimisation specialists and visual merchandisers.

Apptus eSales removes much of that manual heavy lifting. Its AI capability automatically optimises the whole site according to a common business objective – optimising for conversion, revenue or profit. Predictive analytics guides strategic decision making, while easy to use ‘boosting’ tools ensure there’s still room for a human touch.

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